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Personal Information Precautions and Third Party Apps

Friday, November 6, 2020

In this age of technology, people are downloading more third party apps to increase the efficiency of day-to-day tasks. These apps can make shopping quicker, communication faster, and transferring money painless.  However, do some research before you download apps, so as to not fall prey to those that collect personal information and distribute it to the highest bidder. 

  • Find out about the company behind the app. For example, an app from a reputable company,  such as the CNext mobile app, would be more trustworthy than an app from a company that you have never heard of and who only has a P.O. Box address by which to contact them.
  • Do a quick Google search to see what types of reviews pop up for the 3rd Party app. What do independent publications and online review sources have to say about it?  Does the app have mostly positive reviews or mostly negative ones? 
  • Take a look at the ratings and reviews that customers have provided about the app. High ratings and lots of satisfied customers can be a good sign.

By considering several sources of information about third party apps before you download them, you can help protect yourself and your finances.


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