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Refinancing a mortgage means paying off your existing home loan and replacing it with a new one. CNext Mortgage can help you understand when and if you should refinance your home. We make it simple! Our mortgage experts provide a prompt response and a personal experience, and loan decisions are made locally. 

When considering a refinance, you must look at the big picture of your financial situation to decide if it’s right for you. Refinancing may be in your best interest if you can lower your interest rate or shorten the term of your loan. 

Get in touch with us, and let’s see if refinancing is the right decision for you.

Possible Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing:

  • Lower interest rate and lower monthly payment
  • Decrease or eliminate mortgage insurance
  • Consolidate debt
  • Use your home’s equity to generate additional cash
  • Change the loan terms for savings or to build equity faster
  • Improve your credit and your monthly cash flow


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Connie Kelley ProfileConnie Kelley Vice President, Commercial/Mortgage Lender NMLS ID: 925049870-364-1377
Jenifer McManus ProfileJenifer McManus Mortgage Originator NMLS ID: 1110806318-232-1490
Matt Winkelpleck ProfileMatt Winkelpleck Senior Vice President, Lending NMLS ID: 424265318-232-1486