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A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is a way to turn the equity in your home into cash that you can use for almost any need. A HELOC can be used for home renovation, a car, debt consolidation, vacation, etc. – there are many ways your home equity can work for you! HELOCs generally have lower interest rates than credit cards, and to qualify, you need a solid credit score and acceptable debt-to-income (DTI) radio.

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  • Competitive rate
  • Only pay interest on what you use
  • Use for most any purpose
  • Minimum line amount of $10,000
  • Interest is typically tax deductible*
  • Annual maintenance fee of $50 beginning on the first anniversary of account opening date
  • Late payment fee of 5% of the unpaid amount of the late payment if it is not paid within 10 days after the due date

*consult a tax advisor

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